Eyeliner Strips
Eyeliner Strips
Eyeliner Strips
Eyeliner Strips
Eyeliner Strips

Eyeliner Strips

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Creating the perfect cat-eye wing is somewhat tricky if you haven’t figured it out yet. And when you finally get it done, it’s some kind of momentous!

Introducing Eyeliner Strips! It includes 32 eyeliner strips-- 16 left wings and 16 right wings. It is specially designed to help you apply a winged eyeliner like a breeze. It comes with a universal design that works on just about anyone’s face. You can shift and angle the strip anyway you like to fit the natural contours of the eye for a more personalized finish.


  • Perfect cat-eye wings in seconds
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Universal design
  • To be used with liquid eyeliner


  1. Slowly REMOVE backing then shade on zone 2 on sticky side

  2. PEEL zone 3 apart from clear transfer layer

  3. STICK bottom edge of strip along edge of upper eyelid (point 4 should align with outer corner of eye)

  4. Gently LIFT strip away from eyelid, and reveal the perfect cat-eye!


  • Left wing: 16 eyeliner strips
  • Right wing: 16 eyeliner strips
  • Eyeliner Pen


  • 32 x Eyeliner Strips ( 16 left wings and 16 right wings)
  • 1 x Eyeliner Pen