Shrimp Peeler
Shrimp Peeler
Shrimp Peeler
Shrimp Peeler

Shrimp Peeler

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Deveining and Peeling fresh shrimp may seem like a difficult task, but with this  Shrimp peeler , you'll realize how easy it is. The Shrimp Peeler cleans, deveines, and removes the shell all in one smooth motion. With the toothed tip for removal of vein and shell, the top edge will take care of the butterflying action.

For all the Prawn Lovers, start enjoying your seafood the easier way now.


  • Made from high duty plastic material, durable for use
  • Portable Shrimp devein and peel tool
  • Ergonomic handle for comfort
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Compact size


  1. Insert the closed tip of the shrimp master into the top of shell.
  2. Gently push tip (still closed) under the shell until it comes out beyond the tail.
  3. Press handles together until shrimp and shell separate.
  4. Rinse each shrimp under cold water. It's that easy.


    • 1 x shrimp peeler