Silicone Toe Gel Pads 2pcs
Silicone Toe Gel Pads 2pcs
Silicone Toe Gel Pads 2pcs
Silicone Toe Gel Pads 2pcs

Silicone Toe Gel Pads 2pcs

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The Silicone Toe Gel Pads are made of medical grade silicone for the high quality that gives you the best touch experience. These soft gel cushions reduce foot pain, help relieve the discomfort of flattened metatarsal arches and Morton's neuroma, as well as foot problems like itching, burning, blisters, or cracks on your forefoot.


  • Instant Pain Relief
  • All-day comfort and protection
  • Sandals friendly
  • Washable and reusable cushions
  • Long Lasting Protection
  • Breathable


  1. For the first time, you may feel a little uncomfortable, We suggest to wear for 15-20 minutes, then increase wearing time until you can comfortably wear them.

  2. To use these morton's neuroma pads we suggest you wear it in shoes with a wider toe box

  3. If wear them while running or doing other sports, please put on socks in case pads sliding or falling.

  4. Personal products, please do not to cross using. Hand wash with warm water and soap, then air dry.


  • Item Size: 8.3 * 6cm
  • Material: 100% medical silicone material
  • Adaptation: for forefoot pain, metatarsal head collapse, plantar fasciitis, foot cocoon, etc., can effectively relieve pain when walking


  • 2pcs x silicone toe gel pads